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Atorvastatin pfizer 10 mg preis MULLARD.PDF 2.67MB 30-12-13 "Valves and Semiconductors for the Radio Amateur", Mullard Ltd, July 1962 Where to buy finpecia uk VIEWMASTER.PDF4.62MB 14-02-13 Building and Operating the "View Master" Television by W I Flack Buy azithromycin 250mg tablets 6 pack AGTAR.PDF 8.89MB 03-09-12 "A Guide to Amateur Radio", 12th edition, 1966, by J Pat Hawker G3VA by courtesy Radio Society of Great Britain. Diclofenac rezeptfrei preis MIGHTIER.PDF 4.73MB 05-10-08 "Mightier than the Waves" - The Cockerhams' Story - a short biography of Bob Cockerham G3WTF and his fate in Ecuador as a missionary in 1981. RACE.PDF 780kB 11-08-05 "Race for Life", the English translation of the book "Si tous les gars du monde..." by Jacques Rémy, on how amateur radio can help in an emergency. (This copyright material is provided for private study and research purposes only as permitted by the Copyright Act.) 1907LIC.PDF 172kB 15-10-10 Copy of the 1907 UK Amateur Radio Licence. 1946LIC.PDF 165kB 27-06-04 UK Amateur Radio Licence issued between 1946 and 1954. This was printed on green paper. 1954LIC.PDF 107kB 27-06-04 UK Amateur (Sound) Licence issued from 1954. On blue parchment paper with the Schedule affixed to page 3. 1954TV.PDF 45kB 17-07-20 UK Amateur (Television) Licence issued from 1954. 1964MOB.PDF 59kB 17-07-20 UK Amateur (Sound Mobile) Licence issued from 1964. DTIclassA.PDF 232kB 15-10-10 Department of Trade and Industry Amateur Radio Licence A DTIclassB.PDF 230kB 15-10-10 Department of Trade and Industry Amateur Radio Licence B 2006LIC.PDF 675kB 20-04-15 Ofcom Amateur Radio Licence, Terms & conditions, from December 2006 2015LIC.PDF 886kB 20-04-15 Ofcom Amateur Radio Licence, Terms & conditions, from April 2015 TR6101.PDF 120kB 09-09-16 CEPT Radio Amateur Licence T/R 61-01, 2016 revision TR6102.PDF 162kB 09-09-16 CEPT Harmonised Amateur Radio Licence Certificate T/R 61-02, 2016 revision ITU-REC-M1677.PDF 1.423MB ITU-R Recommendation M.1677-1 International Morse code (including @ symbol) BBC-GUIDE.PDF 259kB 04-09-10 BBC Variety Programmes Policy Guide for Writers and Producers, 1949 BBC-MWYW.PDF 129kB 14-08-10 BBC "Music While You Work" Music in Industry research paper, Dec 1942 DENCOCOIL.PDF 752kB 15-10-10 Denco "Maxi-Q" Transistor & Miniature Dual Purpose Coils - Technical Bulletin DTB.4 G2DAF-LIN.PDF 278kB 10-12-10 G2DAF Linear Amplifier circuit and construction details GC-QP166.PDF 305kB 23-08-10 Electroniques GC166 & QP166 'Qoilpax' datasheets with circuits GELOSO102.PDF 948kB 15-09-10 Geloso VFO instruction sheet 4/101 & 4/102 (6J5-6AU6-6L6) GELOSO104.PDF 994kB 15-09-10 Geloso VFO instruction sheet 4/104-S (6CL6-5763) HAMSINT.PDF abt 6MB 30-04-03 HAM'S INTERPRETER copy of 1956 book on how to QSO in several languages. FISK.PDF 2.01MB 13-02-10 EMI Fisk Solariscope manual. The propagation device by Sir Ernest Fisk ATCMORSE.PDF 1.98MB 18-06-16 The New Morse Code Manual, by f/o A E Eley RNVR, for A.T.C., 5th edition R1224A.PDF 1.75MB 28-02-19 R.1224A ex-RAF communications receiver, schematic and circuit description G5UMCALLBOOK.PDF 426KB 07-03-19 G5UM Callbook 1920-1930, Rev.1, 2009, Compiled by G3XKX, PDF by MW0GKX KW202-RX.PDF 1.71MB 30-04-19 KW202 Amateur Bands Receiver Manual, Issue 3 with circuit and amendments


A selection of articles from radio magazines of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s

by David M Pratt G3KEP, David Noble G3MAW and Graham F Firth G3MFJ

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Past papers of the Radio Amateurs’ Examination 1946 to 1978

Multiple-choice RAE & NRAE Examiner’s Reports and Past RAE Papers

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Bradford Grammar School Radio Society archive

The following three files are MP3 audio files.
CQ Serenade (English)      - The Amateur Radio song; Words and music by the late VE2QS and VE2BR
                             Played by VE2QS and his Orchestra; Sung in English by Joyce Hahn

CQ Serenade (French)       - The Amateur Radio song; Words and music by the late Maurice Durieux VE2QS and F9KT; Played by VE2QS and his Orchestra Sung in French by Raymond Girerd

CQ Serenade (Instrumental) - The Amateur Radio song; Instrumental version played by Maurice Durieux VE2QS and his Orchestra

CQ_SERENADE.PDF            - English lyrics of CQ Serenade

CQ_MUSIC.PDF               - DAH-DI-DAH-DIT DAH-DAH-DI-DAH CQ Serenade Sheet Music

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